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About me:
I'm 18 years old. Later on this year, 2010, I plan on going to a community college in Oak Harbor, WA. Then after two years, I'll transfer to a good university to help me gain a bachelors degree in Graphic Designing. I plan on minoring in photography, and possibly get into journalism.
I started photography as a hobby when I was sixteen. After I graduated high school, I was published in a photography book, which helped me decide a bit of my future.
Graphic Designing:
I started graphic designing around 2004-2005. I was interested in Photoshop and started making graphics with a free program called Photofiltre. It became a passion and a hobby that I'd love to continue with. I still have plenty to learn and I do plan on learning absolutely everything I can about this art.
Camera: Casio and Canon
Program: Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver MX, and Flash MX
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